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Over 2.6 mln deputies to people's congresses in townships, counties elected in China
By: Xinhua
update:October 10,2022
BEIJING, Oct. 9-- More than 2.6 million new deputies have been elected to people's congresses in townships and county-level regions in China, following the conclusion of elections that began in the first half of 2021.
Nearly 150,000 more deputies were elected this time over the previous elections.
In accordance with the country's amended electoral law, the base numbers of deputies to people's congresses at township and county levels have both been increased to boost the participation in politics from the primary-level.
According to statistics, 921 million voters, accounting for 86.49 percent of registered voters, cast their votes in the election of county-level people's congress deputies. Meanwhile, 623 million voters, accounting for 85.63 percent of registered voters, voted in the election of deputies to the township-level people's congresses.
Following the elections, all regions convened the first meeting of the new people's congress attended by the newly-elected deputies.
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