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Xi's address at WEF virtual session forges consensus on promoting global recovery, experts say
update:January 19,2022
BEIJING, Jan. 18 -- Chinese President Xi Jinping's special address at the 2022 World Economic Forum (WEF) virtual session on Monday has demonstrated China's sense of responsibility, and forged consensus on tackling COVID-19 and spurring recovery, experts from different countries have said.
"The right way forward for humanity is peaceful development and win-win cooperation. Different countries and civilizations may prosper together on the basis of respect for each other, and seek common ground and win-win outcomes by setting aside differences," Xi said in his speech.
Xi's speech has injected confidence into the current global economic recovery, said Volker Tschapke, honorary president of Germany's Prussian Society, stressing that peace and development are still the themes of the future of the world.
China's Belt and Road Initiative has set an example for different countries and civilizations to develop together through mutual respect and achieve win-win cooperation through seeking common ground while preserving differences, said Tschapke.
Joseph Matthews, a senior professor at the BELTEI International University in Phnom Penh, said Xi's remarks showed China's efforts to promote multilateralism, international solidarity and cooperation to address global challenges for common interest and peaceful co-existence.
"President Xi's speech truly reflects China's unwavering commitment to upholding true multilateralism and free trade, which are the key to global peace, economic recovery and common development in the post-COVID-19 pandemic era," he said.
"Cold War mentality, unilateralism, protectionism, hegemonism, and zero-sum games can only harm others," Matthews said. "Countries should coexist peacefully, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind."
Alvaro Echeverria, vice president of the Asia Pacific Chamber of Commerce in Chile, said Xi's speech highlighted the spirit of cooperation and boosted confidence for the world to emerge from the shadow of the pandemic.
Echeverria was impressed by Xi's remarks on achieving common prosperity and letting development gains benefit all people in a more substantial and equitable way, saying Xi's view is holistic and forward-looking.
The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the world economy, said Ismael Buchanan, a senior lecturer at Department of Political Science at the University of Rwanda, stressing that "there is an urgent need to accelerate vaccination rates in the developing world most especially in Africa."
"I appreciate the fact that President Xi Jinping is drawing the attention of the world to the significance of equal access to vaccines," said Buchanan, noting that it is a "wake-up call to global leaders and policy makers" to ensure equality in accessing vaccines. 
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