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Chinese minors see improved nutrient intake
update:December 24,2020
BEIJING, Dec.24,2020 -- China has seen an improvement in child and adolescent nutrient intake since 2015, said an official with the National Health Commission (NHC) at a Wednesday press conference.
The prevalence of growth retardation among children under six has fallen below 7 percent, said Li Bin, deputy head of the NHC, quoting a report on the Chinese nationals' nutrition conditions and the development of chronic diseases.
A more conspicuous change was observed in rural areas, he added, where the prevalence has declined from 11.3 percent among children of the same age group in 2015 to 5.8 percent today, and from 4.7 percent to 2.2 percent among those aged between six and 17.
Similar improvement was registered in the intake of trace elements among Chinese minors, Li noted.
Taking anemia as an example, Li said the prevalence of the condition among children and adolescents aged between six and 17 has been reduced to 6.1 percent, a deep cut from the figure in 2015.
Average heights for boys and girls aged between six and 17 have respectively increased by 1.6 cm and 1 cm from the 2015 level, said Li, while average heights for men and women aged between 18 and 44 have edged up 1.2 cm and 0.8 cm to 169.7 cm and 158 cm, respectively. 
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