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China sees over 2.5 mln registered organ donors
update:November 09,2020
BEIJING, Nov.9,2020 -- The number of registered organ donors in China has exceeded 2.5 million, the Red Cross Society of China said Saturday.
More than 30,000 donors completed their donations after death, saving over 90,000 people's lives, the society added.
China started piloting the organ donation program in 2010, and official statistics show that the country's body donation rate rose from 0.03 to 4.53 donors per million over the past decade.
A larger number of people are engaged in organ donation-related work. The country now has more than 2,800 organ donation coordinators and 4,000 volunteers for organ donation, according to a work report on China's organ donation over the past 10 years.
In terms of regulation, organ donations have been written in China's newly adopted Civil Code. There are clauses stating that no organization or individual should deceive, lure or coerce others into donating the cells, tissues or organs of the body, nor the whole body.
Meanwhile, there is a ban on any form of trade in the cells, tissues, organs of the body or the whole body, according to the code.
The work report points out that the number of registered organ donors is expected to rise above 3 million by 2024.
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