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China has 42,300 elderly care institutions: ministry
update:July 30,2020
BEIJING, July 30,2020 -- China currently has about 42,300 elderly care facilities nationwide, with a capacity of more than 4.29 million beds, according to statistics released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs Wednesday.
The elderly care institutions across the country provide accommodation for nearly 2.15 million elderly people, said Li Banghua with the ministry at a press conference.
Chinese people have traditionally relied on their children to help them in old age, and it is only in recent years that institutions for the elderly have gained widespread acceptance.
With a soaring senior population and most adults working full time, attitudes toward filial piety and old age have shifted, fueling a rapidly growing elderly care industry.
However, the expanding market has been accompanied by increasing disputes between the aged care facilities and their clients.
To further protect the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, while ensuring the development of the industry, the ministry has issued a guideline on regulating nursing services within institutions and handling disputes, in collaboration with other departments.
According to the document, elderly care institutions are required to provide timely assistance to those in their care and give priority to protecting their rights and interests.
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