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China offers successful experience worth learning: ambassadors
update:October 31,2019
Oct 31,2019-- China's tremendous development achievements over the past decades is neither easy nor accidental and its successful experience is worth learning, ambassadors to China said.
Foreign ambassadors and diplomats, and representatives of international organizations have visited a grand exhibition of achievements in commemoration of the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China at the Beijing Exhibition Center since September.
The exhibition comprehensively reflects the practices, achievements and experience of the past 70 years, which witnessed great improvements in the country's economy and people's living conditions.
It also records the continuous rise of China's international status and influence, as well as its contribution to the cause of world peace and development.
Andrey Denisov, Russian ambassador to China, recalled his working in China in the 1970s, saying China's development over the past 70 years is extremely rare in human history. China will soon achieve its first centenary goal in 2021 and is not far away from achieving its second.
Russia is ready to deepen exchanges and cooperation with China in various fields and jointly push the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era between the two countries to a new level, Denisov said.
Naghmana A. Hashimi, Pakistani ambassador to China, said China has achieved remarkable success in poverty alleviation in just a few decades.
"We are fully supportive of the Belt and Road Initiative. In fact, China and Pakistan are benefiting tremendously because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. We hope to see China leading the way for the development of all countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative," Hashimi added.
Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Moustapha has been in China for almost eight years, saying that "China has shown the humanity how a determined country with the right leadership and with the right vision can achieve miracles in the 20th and 21st century."
"This astonishing progress has never been achieved in the history of mankind by any other nation in such a short duration of time. This is really magnificent," Moustapha said.
"China is building on its historic traditions of non-interference and respect for all other nations of the world and is progressing with a very bold, proactive vision called the Belt and Road Initiative. This is a very benign vision of China towards the world," he added.
When it comes to the mystery behind the "Chinese miracle," many diplomats attributed China's successful development to its adherence to the centralized, unified leadership of the Communist Party of China and its people-centered development philosophy.
"One important lesson to take from China is that China's development is people-centered. Whatever the leaders do is about improving the lives of the people. They sit with people and hear them out, which is key," said Mbelwa Kairuki, Tanzanian ambassador to China.
China attaches great importance to people's sense of gain and has bold reforms in employment, pension insurance, education and medical treatment so that people can truly enjoy the fruits of development, Singaporean Ambassador to China Stanley Loh Ka Leung said, adding this "can unite the whole country to forge ahead."
The diplomats paid special attention to the exhibition of China's reform and opening-up.
"China's development was astonishing given where the country started, particularly in the past 40 years. It has now become one of the fastest-growing economies in the world," said Clemens von Goetze, German ambassador to China.
Noting that the current global challenges is increasing, Goetze said China and Germany can strengthen cooperation and jointly defend free trade and multilateralism.
"China has vowed to take along other poor countries into joint development. The Belt and Road Initiative shows China has become so responsible to the extent that it is saying let's share in the development agenda. Its commitment and responsibility are very visible," said Zimbabwe's Ambassador to China Martin Chedondo.
"The potential of this country is great for the next 70 years and China has so much to show the world," said Albanian Ambassador to China Selim Belortaja.
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