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Chinese human rights experts hold symposium on Xinjiang, HK issues at UN
update:October 29,2019
Oct.29,2019-- A seminar on counterterrorism and deradicalization in Xinjiang, reincarnation of Living Buddhas in Tibet and Hong Kong’s Fugitive Offenders Ordinance amendment bill was held by China's Permanent Mission to the United Nations and the China Society for Human Rights Studies (CSHRS) on Oct. 23rd at the UN headquarter, New York. 
Experts at the China International Exchange Association and officials from the UN Permanent Missions of 13 countries such as North Korea and Singapore attended the symposium.
Xu Jianying, member of the CSHRS, said that the measures like setting up training centers for vocational skills in Xinjiang have effectively contained the spread of terrorism and radicalization. Kassandro Mar, member of the CSHRS, gave an introduction of the reincarnation system of Living Buddhas in Tibet.
Chen Xin, an expert at the China International Exchange Association, said that Hong Kong’s proposed extradition bill amendments aimed to plug legal loopholes, improve rule of law and promote social justice in Hong Kong. Although the government of the Hong Kong SAR has officially withdrawn the bill, the violence continues and is far beyond the boundaries of peaceful demonstrations.
Officials from some countries’ Permanent Missions to the United Nations said that they learned through the symposium more about Xinjiang, Tibet and Hong Kong-related issues, which they found are very different from western media’s coverage. Counterterrorism and deradicalization in Xinjiang is necessary and they look forward to Hong Kong restoring social order as soon as possible.
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