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Online platform makes procuratorial affairs more transparent
update:March 06,2019
BEIJING, March 6, 2019 -- By the end of 2018, procuratorates nationwide had publicized nearly 8.76 million pieces of information on case development since an online platform was established to enhance procuratorial transparency in 2014, the Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) said Tuesday.
The procuratorates have disclosed 540,696 pieces of information about major cases and over 3.6 million legal documents such as indictments, via the website of case information disclosure set up by the SPP.
The disclosure of procuratorial affairs not only meets the people's demand for judicial openness and justice, but also puts the law enforcement agencies under public oversight, said Dong Guiwen with the SPP.
The SPP said it would revise the regulations of case information disclosure to better safeguard people's rights to know, express, participate in and supervise the procuratorial work.
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