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China strives to improve public services in social sector
update:February 20,2019
Feb. 20, 2019 -- China has unveiled an action plan to improve the quality of public services in the social sector to help establish a strong domestic market, the economic planner said Tuesday.
By way of improving weak links and lifting the quality of public services, China is hoping to be blessed with public services featuring rational supplying structure, active social participation by 2020, according to the plan jointly issued by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) and 17 other departments.
By then, the country will see improved role of public services in ensuring people's wellbeing, promoting employment and expanding consumption, said the plan.
The average education for the working-age population should reach 10.8 years, the average life expectancy should be raised to 77.3 years, and the overall contribution of the tourist economy to the national economy should reach 12 percent by 2020.
The country hopes to have established a basic public services network by 2022, capable of offering more adequate public services in an efficient and convenient manner, and with all people applicable.
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