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Town's move provides new opportunities
By:China Daily
update:August 22,2018

Aug. 22,2018 -- A group of women who were relocated from a village do jobs at a clothing factory in Ameiqituo, Guizhou province. [Chen Yalin/For China Daily]
Aug. 22,2018 -- The relocation of a poor, remote township in a mountainous area of Guizhou province is expected to be finished by the end of this year and help locals get out of poverty and enjoy better public services.
Sanbao, with 6,042 residents of mainly Yi or Miao ethnicity, is located about 46 kilometers from the county seat of Qinglong and connected to it by a steep, winding mountain road.
With its barren land and a weak transportation system, people in Sanbao are poor. The township was listed as one of the 20 poorest townships in Guizhou in 2016.
To lift the township out of poverty, the county government decided in August 2016 to build a new community named Ameiqituo in the county seat's suburban area to resettle all the residents who were living in the mountains.
New buildings were built with features of the ethnic groups to help them adapt. Hospitals, public transportation and schools from kindergarten to high school were built to provide necessary services, the township's deputy Party chief Bai Yang said.
The new community will also include a light industrial park and an agriculture and tourism park, which can offer a combined 1,500 jobs, two-thirds of which are open to relocated villagers, he said.
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