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Changes help more disabled students to take gaokao
By:China Daily
update:June 07,2018

A pivotal moment
The gaokao is a pivotal moment for high school students because their scores will largely determine their future - whether they can attend university, which institutions will accept them and consequently what careers await them.
The assistance Han received meant she did well enough to be admitted to a vocational college in Guangdong, majoring in community management and service.
However, not every student is as fortunate, and some have even been denied assistance.
When he was a sophomore in high school, Wang Haoran began paying attention to changes in education policies.
In 2016, Wang, who has albinism and is visually impaired, visited the local higher education admission office in Liaoyuan, Jilin province, six times to apply for assistance when he took the gaokao.
He requested that his test papers carried large-print characters and also asked for the duration of each test to be extended, both of which are listed as required assistive measures by the Ministry of Education.
Initially, the officials told Wang to submit his application along with several documents, including his disabled certificate and a doctor's diagnosis.

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