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China's new rehabilitation system to better help disabled children
update:June 04,2018
BEIJING, June 4, 2018 -- A new rehabilitation system will be put into operation to help children with disabilities on Oct. 1, said Jia Yong, vice president of the China Disabled Persons' Federation, at a news briefing Friday.
According to a guideline approved by the State Council, the funds for the system will be provided by local governments above the county level, with subsidies from the central government.
The guideline includes children aged six or younger with disabilities of eyesight, hearing, lingual abilities, limbs or intelligence, as well as autism.
Jia said the system will primarily focus on reducing dysfunction, improving the capabilities they have lost and enhancing their social participation.
According to the second national survey for people with disabilities, China is home to about 1.7 million children aged six or younger with disabilities.
Rehabilitation for the children can reduce psychological and financial burdens for their families and help them go to school and get employment, Jia said, adding that childhood is the best time to recover.
China has nearly 7,000 rehabilitation institutions and that nine provincial-level regions have their own rehabilitation systems.
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