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China gears up for employment of 8.2 million college graduates
update:May 25,2018
May 25, 2018-- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Thursday instructed a national government meeting to work for stable employment of college graduates this summer.
It will be a tough task to help the record 8.2 million graduates find jobs and start careers, said Li in a written instruction to the meeting.
The premier told governments of all levels to well implement proactive employment policies, improve their services for graduates and explore all possibilities.
The government will nurture a more favorable environment for business, particularly new industries and services, which will recruit educated professionals and enable graduates to release their creativity and realize their potential, Li said.
Measures will be adopted to boost high-end manufacturing and service sector, as well as upgrade traditional industries, according to a statement issued after the meeting, attended by Vice Premiers Sun Chunlan and Hu Chunhua.
Preferential policies for small businesses and startups will be well implemented, while regulators will crack down upon malpractice in human resource services.
The government encourages young people to take up jobs in the field and welcomes them to join the armed forces, the statement said.
Graduates will receive better training and coaching so that they will have reasonable expectations and planning for their careers, it said.
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