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SPP calls on prosecutors to protect heroes' honor with public interest litigation
update:May 04,2018
BEIJING, May 4, 2018 -- The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) on Thursday published a circular on its website, requiring procuratorates at all levels to step up efforts to implement the new law protecting the reputation and honor of heroes and martyrs.
The circular stressed the importance of filing public interest litigation cases against activities defaming heroes and martyrs, noting that prosecutors are the representatives of public interest and procuratorates need to safeguard the public interest.
The SPP also asked procuratorates nationwide to handle a series of typical cases in order to set up precedents, warn and educate the public.
The law went into effect Tuesday.
The country and the people should forever respect and remember the heroes and martyrs for their sacrifice and contribution to the Chinese nation and the people, according to the law.
The law bans activities that defame heroes and martyrs or distort and diminish their deeds. Those who violate their rights of name, portrait, reputation and honor will be punished.
The law was passed unanimously after a second reading at the bimonthly session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress Friday.
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