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China's rural workers in 2017
update:May 02,2018
BEIJING, May 2, 2018 -- The National Bureau of Statistics has unveiled a 2017 report on China's rural workers who hold jobs in non-agricultural sectors while their household registration is tied to rural areas.
Here are some facts and figures from the report:
-- There were 286.52 million rural workers at the end of 2017, up 1.7 percent. The number was about 269 million in 2013, 274 million in 2014, 277 million in 2015, and 282 million in 2016.
-- 114.67 million rural workers held jobs in their own towns, up 2 percent, accounting for 40 percent of the total.
-- 137.1 million workers held jobs in cities, up 0.9 percent, accounting for 45.76 percent of the total.
-- 65.6 percent of rural workers were male, and 34.4 percent were female.
-- 48 percent of rural workers held jobs in service sectors, up 1.3 percentage points from 2016.
-- 48.8 percent of them made a living in the manufacturing and construction sectors, down 1.4 percentage points.
-- Monthly income averaged 3,485 yuan (550 U.S. dollars), up 6.4 percent. Workers in the transportation, storage and postal sector earn a monthly average of 4,048 yuan, higher than those in any other sector.
-- 56.1 percent said they were satisfied with their living conditions, up 3.8 percentage points.
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