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Adult Chinese read 4.66 printed books on average in 2017
update:April 19,2018
BEIJING, April 19, 2018 -- Adult Chinese citizens read 4.66 printed books on average in 2017, a survey showed Wednesday.
The survey by the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication showed that 10.2 percent of Chinese citizens read more than 10 printed books last year, while 5.4 percent read more than 10 e-books.
Chinese people each spent 20.4 minutes reading books each day, with 12.1 percent spending over an hour. People aged between 18 and 29 had the longest reading time per day.
The survey also revealed that adult citizens spent 80.4 minutes on cell phones daily on average, 27 minutes of which were spent on WeChat, China's most popular messenger. The daily Internet use stood at 60.7 minutes.
Audio books and podcasts have emerged in people's reading habits, with over 20 percent of citizens having listened to them.
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