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FAO chief lauds China's achievements in poverty reduction
update:April 16,2018

He was also impressed by the participation of all segments of the society in China, saying that "from government, to enterprises, NGOs, and ordinary people, all parts of the China society are making concerted efforts to alleviate poverty, to pursue inclusiveness development with no one left behind."
China has adopted a multi-sectoral approach to poverty reduction, which brings together agro-industry development, food security, social protection, health, education and ecological restoration. Among these, agro-industry development has been given priority, since it is key to lift the poor out of poverty in a sustainable manner. Same with education which can break the inter-generational poverty cycle, the FAO chief said.
Graziano da Silva also stressed the importance of innovation that China has used in its fight against poverty.
"China introduced a number of innovative solutions. One is using e-commerce to connect the farmers to the markets, which managed to increase farmers' income to a large extent," he said.
"China sets an example in the area of agricultural development and innovation, and has accumulated a wealth of experiences and technologies that can be shared with the rest of the developing world," he noted.
As for the role China can play in combating food insecurity and addressing climate change, the FAO chief said China's role in these fields is two-fold.
One is concerning what China can do domestically given the largest population it has, and the other is the role China can play in contributing to regional and international food security with its rapid economic development.
"China has the largest population and the largest farming sector as well. The total output of grain has been on the rise," he noted, adding that the country has set an example of successfully feeding around one fifth of the world's population with less than 10 percent of the world's arable land.
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