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FAO chief lauds China's achievements in poverty reduction
update:April 16,2018
SUVA, April 16, 2018 -- Director-general of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) José Graziano da Silva has praised China for its great achievements in poverty eradication, believing China can also play an important role in combating food insecurity and addressing climate change.
The FAO chief made the remarks in an exclusive interview with Xinhua on Saturday on the sidelines of the 34th FAO Session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific held on the Denarau island near Fiji's third largest city of Nadi.
"China has in fact achieved remarkable results in terms of poverty alleviation," said Graziano da Silva, noting that 800 million people have been lifted out of poverty, demonstrating "strong leadership and dedication."
"Governments at all levels as well as institutions such as universities have all demonstrated dedication to reduce poverty, which led to fruitful collaboration and partnerships that were working towards a common goal," he said.
"Leadership, commitment, multi-sectoral approaches, targeted strategies and constant innovation have been core enablers of poverty reduction," said the FAO chief.
Graziano da Silva attributed China's achievements in eliminating poverty to the Chinese government's strong leadership and the mobilization of impressive levels of resources and innovation.
"Starting from agricultural reforms, followed by boosting the rural economy other than the farming sector, and through territorial and targeted approaches, poverty was efficiently identified and addressed," he said.
Targeting is key, he said, adding that the targeted poverty reduction strategy allows the Chinese government to identify and reach the poorest of the poor, and to provide support to help them move out of poverty. This is especially important as the Chinese government is cracking the tough nut by 2020.
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