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Online lawsuit systems saves time, money for litigants
update:April 04,2018
April 4, 2018 -- A new system that allows lawsuits to be filed online saved litigants across China from making more than 22.5 million visits to courthouses last year, according to the Supreme People's Court.
In 2017, a series of platforms designed to speed up procedures and improve courts' efficiency was put into operation, including an online case-filing platform and a hotline for legal advice.
"This saved the litigants time and traffic costs," the top court said in a statement on Tuesday.
The simplified access to courts helped litigants save about 550 million yuan ($87 million) in travel costs as well as some 46.7 million hours last year, it said.
While providing a more convenient legal process, some facilities — such as remote video systems and online platforms for searching defaulters' bank accounts — also contributed to reducing unnecessary trips for judges and saved judicial resources, according to the top court.
For example, the online verdict delivery system helped save about 126 million pieces of paper, which helps protect the environment, it added.
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