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Mobile internet enhances judicial efficiency, transparency
update:March 14,2018

Chen Ruibiao, a Guangzhou resident, was involved in a complicated property dispute. He followed his case on the mini-program.
"I made many calls to ask about the progress of my case. I understand that the judges are too busy to answer my questions in detail every time," Chen said. "So it's a huge relief that I can now follow the case myself."
According to the Guangzhou court, 80 percent of the inquiries it receives concern case progress. Now, over 1,500 such inquiries are made daily through the mini-program.
Judges at the court perform collegiate bench discussions, judgement writing, and evidence collection on an app, which has a multiparty video call system and is supported by voice recognition and artificial intelligence technology.
Last year, the court accepted more than 50,000 cases, up over 11 percent, and each judge settled 233 cases on average, up 50 percent. The growth partly resulted from the help of mobile technology.
Similar practices have also been adopted in courts in cities such as Beijing and Hangzhou.
In August, China's first court specializing in internet-related cases opened in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province, with the cases tried online. By registering on court's website, plaintiffs can file lawsuits and pay legal costs. They and defendants can have their disputes handled without being present at court and at a much lower cost.
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