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Public legal services to cover all the disabled in China
update:November 10,2017
Nov.10,2017--By 2020, a network for public legal services will be established to cover all the disabled in China, according to Opinions on improving public legal services for the disabled during the period of 13th Five-year Plan(hereinafter referred to as the Opinions) issued recently by the Ministry of Justice.
The Opinion stipulates that the public legal services for the disabled should be improved from four aspects:
1. Build platforms both online and offline to facilitate the services.
2. Expand the legal service and aid coverage for the disabled.
3. Promote the construction of a barrier-free environment, simplify the procedures of applying for legal aid, improve service efficiency, and provide visiting service for applicants with severe disabilities. 
4. Build a professional team for public legal services and improve the quality of case handling.
The Opinion requires judiciary authorities at all levels should assume primary responsibilities, cooperate with other departments and make better use ofthe financial support. 
By: Shi Dongdong
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