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Archives show Tibet part of China since Yuan Dynasty
update:April 01,2017
March 30,2017--Tibet has completed the rescue work for Mongolian and Manchu archives which provide strong evidence that Tibet has been under the jurisdiction of China's central government since Yuan Dynasty, according to the Archives Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region on March 29,2017.
The historical period of the archives ranges from China's Qing Dynasty to modern times. They mainly consist of three parts: the imperial edicts and documents sent by the central government of the Qing Dynasty to local government of Tibet, the communications and documents between Tibet's religious circles and the Mongolia aristocrats, the list of gifts and correspondences to Tibet's eminent monks sent by believers from Mongolian and Manchu areas for blessing, according to Luosang Nanjie, director of Archives Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region.
According to historical data, in order to maintain the normal order of Tibetan Buddhism, curb the fight and fraud involving the reincarnation of living Buddhas, the central government of Qing Dynasty promulgated the reincarnation of living Buddha must "draw in the golden bottle" and get approval from the central government. Over the past 200 years, it has became a religious ritual and historical custom of Tibetan Buddhism.
Experts of Archives Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region have completed the translation work for 1,462 Tibetan, Mongolian and Manchu pieces of work ahead of schedule.
By: Geng Yifei Liu Qiang
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