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Australian scholar: Tibetan culture well preserved
update:August 04,2016
Aug. 4, 2016 -- To say that China is destroying minority cultures, especially Tibetan culture is a malicious lobbying, which goes against what he saw and felt in Tibet, Qinghai Tibetan regions and other provinces in China, said Colin Mackerras, Honorary professor of Griffith University, at the 6th session of Beijing (International) Tibetology Seminar held Tuesday in Beijing.
"'Destruction theoryis' a malicious lobbying and the so-called ‘culture extinction raised by Dalai Lama is utterly ridiculous. They are contrary to my personal experience, and China’s policies and social realities. Modernization may weaken traditional culture, but will never destroy it. Actually Tibetan traditional culture is better preserved than Han traditional culture," said Mackerras.
Based on his 30-year fieldwork in regions inhabited by ethnic groups, especially Tibetan group in China, Mackerras appreciates the efforts that Chinese government has made to protect minority cultures, especially Tibetan culture, and believes the Chinese government is able to preserve and revive these traditional cultures.
When it comes to Buddhist philosophy on ecological civilization in Tibetan regions, Chen Wei, researcher of Qinghai Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that Buddhist philosophy tells us that development should respect and protect nature and the awareness of environment protection should be based on people’s hearts.
As to the Living Buddha reincarnation system, Zhou Wei, director of the religion institute of China Tibetan Studies Center, said the reincarnation system has never changed over 700 years, and every sect has followed the religious rituals faithfully.
By: Jia Puyu  Liu Qiang
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