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Nyingchi strengthens ecological civilization construction
By:China Tibet News
update:January 22,2019
Jan. 22, 2019 -- On December 15, 2018, Nyingchi City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region won the title of the Second Batch of Demonstration City for Ecological Civilization Construction in China. It got this award owing to its persistence in building a beautiful Nyingchi featuring blue sky, green mountains and clear water. Over the past few years, Nyingchi has continuously strengthened the ecological civilization construction, consciously implemented the concept of green development, and actively explored high-quality development model.

Strengthening ecological construction

In December 2008, Nyingchi made the decision to take the lead in building itself a national level ecological region in Tibet Autonomous Region on the basis of its ecological advantages.

In 2009, the leading group for ecological construction of Nyingchi City entrusted the Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment (IMHE), CAS to compile a series of Regional Ecological Construction Plans which implemented successfully in 2012. In 2013, the Implementation Plan (2011-2018) for Ecological Region Construction of Nyingchi as well as the Ecological Township Construction Plans for 38 villages and towns in Nyingchi have been formulated. Under the guidance of these plans, the ecological civilization construction in Nyingchi has been promoted step by step with remarkable results.

By the end of 2017, 6 counties (district), 41 townships and 384 administrative villages in Nyingchi got the title of Ecological Counties (District), Townships (Towns) and Villages at the autonomous regional level. In August, 2017, Bayi District acquired the title of "National Demonstration Zone for Ecological Civilization Construction".

Persuing green economy to realize low-carbon development

For years, Nyingchi City has firmly practiced the concept of green, circular, and low-carbon development. It has vigorously developed industries with local advantages, such as ecotourism, characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry, hydropower energy, traditional Tibetan medicine and cultural creativity products.

In the area of eco-tourism construction, Nyinchi has achieved fruitful results. For example, in 2016, Nyingchi has been voted the most popular eco-tourism destination in China according to China National Travel. Basum Co successfully won the honor as a Class 5A Tourist Spot at the national level in 2017. The application work of the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon to be a Class 5A Tourist Spot in China has been pushed ahead steadily. The construction of Lulang International Tourism Town into national level eco-tourism demonstration area has proceeded smoothly.

Regarding the development of featured agriculture and animal husbandry, Nyingchi has accelerated the establishment of modern industrial system. By now, the planting area of forest and fruits with local characteristics is up to 241,400 mu (about 16,093 hectares), the planting area of green organic tea reaches 13,000 mu (about 867 hectares), the number of vegetable planting area is 32,000 mu (about 2,133 hectares), the planting area of Tibetan herb reaches 9,600 mu (about 640 hectares) while the breeding number of Tibetan Pig is up to 350,000.

Relying on its unique cultural resources, Nyingchi has cultivated a series of projects to integrate eco-tourism agriculture and animal husbandry, Tibetan medicine and cultural industry, so as to realize a long-term development.

Encouraging the masses to participate in building a beautiful Nyingchi

The masses have a vast reservoir of enthusiasm in building a beautiful hometown. Follow this trend, Nyingchi City has actively advocated a healthy way of life featuring green, low-carbon and civilized in the past years.

At the same time, by combining ecological environment protection projects with poverty alleviation work, Nyingchi City has created many job opportunities for local poor residents.

At present, Nyingchi witnesses 4 ecological reserves, 3 national forest parks, 3 national wetland parks and 1 national geopark all around the city. In addition, 46 ecological security barrier construction projects have been accomplished with an investment of 463 million yuan RMB from the state. [Jia Dan, Zhu Nan]

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