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What a long journey across thousands of kilometres for?
By:China Tibet Online
update:June 29,2018
Recently, the first group of relocated people set off, and on June 11 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, they safely reached the settlement sites in Lhasa.
The settlement sites are 27 kilometers away from Lhasa, with good environment and convenient transport. All the 5 types of housing units are made of steel frame structure, and are resistant to earthquake of magnitude 8.0. The village committee and kindergartens are also built, which will provide more comfortable, more convenient living environment that are full of more development opportunities for the 262 households with 1,102 herdsmen relocated.

The ecological relocation of Rongma Township will vacate 4.6719 million hectares of land for the grassland and more migratory routes and space for the Tibetan antelope and other wildlife, making the area quiet, harmonious, beautiful again.
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