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Economic development without environment damage: Tibet
By:China Tibet Online
update:May 10,2017
Farmers are reaping the rewards of "green economy"
At the end of March, the Lulang International Tourism Town in the eastern part of Nyingchi's Bayi District officially opened for business. Relying on the small town for business, almost every local household has opened a guesthouse, helping the town achieve roughly 20,000 yuan per capita income in 2016.
In 2015, in the Basum Co scenic area, Gongbo Gyamda County, 898 local farmers began to offer tourism services, with income reaching 20.258 million yuan.
In Chanang County, Shannan prefecture of Tibet, the 59-year-old villager Paljor has been planting trees for more than ten years, with an annual income of millions of yuan. Besides, he has also led his fellow villagers to get out of poverty.
Tibet's "green economy", characterized by green, recycling and low carbon, is not only bringing wealth to the local people, but also instilling the concept of ecological civilization in the hearts of the people.
In 2016, Tibet allocated 25.87 million worth of special funds to improve seven scenic areas, including Basum Co, with a focus on improving environmental protection facilities. Development of the scenic areas not only boosts the local economy, but also helps solve the difficult issues of protecting local environment and providing food for the local people. According to Paden Tsewang, deputy director of the Gongbo Gyamda Tourism Bureau, Basum Co scenic area received 180,000 visitors last year, with ticket sales of 18.63 million yuan.
In another example, Nyimg Dorje built his Zhuoma Guesthouse in 2011. As the first batch of guesthouses in Luobu Village, Lulang Town, it can accommodate 20 guests at a time and brought in a net income of 150,000 yuan last year.
According to official statistics, in 2016, Tibet received a total of 23.15 million visitors and achieved 33 billion yuan in total income from tourism. More than 100,000 farmers get rich through tourism and 26,000 poor people get out of poverty.
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