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Urban greening garbage disposal area built in Lhasa
update:January 10,2017
Jan. 10, 2017 -- According to the garden department of Chengguan District, Lhasa City, through one month construction, the urban greening garbage disposal area has been built and fully completed on Nov. 30, 2016. After construction, greening garbage including rotten boughs and fallen leaves can be smashed by wood crushers. Through secondary fermentation, they can become formulated fertilizers, which can again be used for improving urban soil.
In spring, gardeners will replant green seedlings, and bury dead seedlings and fallen leaves. Between autumn and winter, gardeners will be organized to clean fallen leaves and bury them outside urban areas. Every year, greening garbage is disposed mainly in the way of burial and centralized piling up.
Urban garden greening work belongs to seasonal work. A large amount of greening garbage can not be disposed with daily life rubbish and construction waste.
To improve the disposal problem of greening garbage, by adhering to relevant environmental protection requirements, the Jieda Garden Company of Chengguan District positively learns reutilization method from inland cities. Thus, the company decides to build the urban greening garbage disposal area, so as to realize the reutilization of greening garbage through the method of crushing and fermentation.
Since Oct. 30, 2016, the project of garbage disposal area has started construction in the Chinese Tax Forest. Through one month construction, it is fully completed. This project consists of factory construction, road hardening, wood crusher and other infrastructure construction.
After the garbage disposal area is constructed, rotten boughs, fallen leaves and weeds will be transported to this area every day. Then they will be processed in accordance with strict classification. After processing, they can be made into formulated fertilizers, which can be used for improving soil for urban greening.
The garbage disposal area can not only improve the urban greening system, but also solve the problem of urban greening garbage disposal. At the same time, greening garbage can be transformed into available resources and realize the reutilization. This also lays a solid foundation to the long-term maintenance and improvement of Chengguan District's garden ecological environment.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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