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Ecological protection implemented in Ngari
update:September 28,2016
Sept. 28, 2016 -- Rose willow is the spirit symbol of Ngari Prefecture and the barometer of this region's ecological environment.
"Once rose willow is destroyed, it will cause great effect to the ecological environment around," says Liu Hong,  deputy commissioner of Ngari Prefecture. In Gar County, no rose willow is destroyed. It is a consensus to protect ecological environment.
Gar County's Yasha irrigation project started construction on March 26 this year. 60.66 million yuan was invested in solving the irrigation issue of over 20000 mu artificial forage and 7000 mu rose willow. During the construction process, the originally designed engineering line was redirected to protect rose willow.
Liu Hong says, “any construction should consider ecological protection as the bottom line. Once ecology is damaged, the repair cost is huge. Even the construction period is delayed, environment can not be destroyed. Water conservancy project is not only the people's livelihood project, but also the ecological project. To protect ecology, we adjust the project plan. It is the same for other construction projects.”
By: Zhi Xinghua
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