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Over 100,000 Tibetan antelopes migrate for lambing
update:June 21,2016

June 21, 2016 -- Over 100,000 Tibetan antelopes in Changtang National Nature Reserve are heading north to their "large delivery room" in the snow-capped Servo Mountain.

From mid-June this year, a large number of Tibetan antelopes migrate north about 200-400 km to Servo Mountain in Nyima County, Nagqu Prefecture for giving birth, said Sherab, a Tibetan antelope protection expert and former Director of Nagqu Prefecture's Forest Public Security Bureau.

"To ensure the migration, the forestry department of Nagqu Prefecture has arranged for a large number of protectors to make joint efforts with the local forest police to carry out all-weather patrol, observation and protection," said Sherab.

In addition, tens of thousands of Tibetan antelopes in Ngari Prefecture also begin to migrate to the lambing area on the southern side of Kunlun Mountains in the boundary region between Xinjiang and Tibet.

Known as the life-forbidden zone, Changtang Nature Reserve is one of the world's largest nature reserves, with a total area of 298,000 square kilometres. At present, nearly 200,000 Tibetan antelopes live there.

Translators: TIAN Guangshan and LIU Qiang

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