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Passenger service resumes at Tibet's Zhangmu Port
update:September 15,2023
A launching ceremony for the restoration of passenger service at Tibet's Zhangmu Port was held at the Zhangmu-Tatopani Friendship Bridge after a closure following the 2015 Nepal earthquake, China Financial News reported recently.
Normal personnel exchanges and border trade can now resume. There were 752 passengers on the first day.
After resuming two-way freight transportation in May, the port has been steadily improving customs clearance capabilities. Measures have been adopted to improve infrastructure, manage geological disasters, optimize customs clearance models, equip travel inspection equipment, construct mutual trade markets, provide financial service conditions and unblock trade settlement channels, laying a solid foundation for the formal restoration of passenger transportation functions.
As of Aug 30, the total import and export volume reached nearly 194,000 metric tons, with the total value hitting more than 3.52 billion yuan ($484 million).
At present, a border trade market has been established at the port, with 14 shops open for border trade. The settlement currency is mainly Nepalese rupees, with an exchange rate of 18 rupees to 1 yuan.
By Daqiong and Palden Nyima
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