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Chimed Tsering: one formula paves a way of wealth
By:China Tibet News
update:October 13,2020
Oct.13,2020 -- Chimed Tsering, a villager of Gongma Village in Qusum Town of Qusum County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, established a Tibetan incense factory with a special formula when he was 20 years old, and the annual output value once reached 3 million yuan RMB. He admitted that there were many difficulties and setbacks on his road of entrepreneurship, he once thought about giving up, but still insisted on.
Chimed Tsering was 19 in 2006, when he just graduated from middle school. Thinking about the future life, he was longing and also worried. He wanted to have his own career, but didn't know how to keep a foothold. Seeing Chimed Tsering was highly motivated, his uncle Tsultrim Tenzin gave him a precious formula of Tibetan incense, helping him start a business.
"This formula of Tibetan incense was specialized for Lhagyari Royal Palace, created by an imperial physician named Kunsang Namgyal. Later, this physician presented the formula to a Living Buddha in old Tibet, from whom my uncle was learning dharma, thus this Living Buddha passed it on to him," Chimed Tsering says. According to this calculation, Chimed Tsering is the fourth successor of this formula.
In 2007, Chimed Tsering came to Lhasa with the formula, and began a new chapter of his life. "I wanted to start my own business but needed to understand the market first," he says. He went to several Tibetan incense factories to learn their production and management, and researched the whole market of Tibetan incense. He learned that there were only 100 Tibetan incense factories in Tibet at that time.
Chimed Tsering rented a house at Doilungdeqen District of Lhasa City and opened a Tibetan incense factory in 2008, named Tsultrim Tibetan Incense Factory. The factory was small, but with the unique formula, he opened the market soon. After few years, their incense sold well in Tibet, as well as in Beijing, Chengdu and Guangzhou.
At that time, his small factory obviously could not meet the market's demand, so he expanded its scale. The Party committee and government of Qusum County happened to introduce a series of preferential policies and supporting funds for attracting talented people to come home and start business. Hearing this news, Chimed Tsering found relevant persons immediately, and got strong support from them.
Therefore, Chimed Tsering moved his original factory in Lhasa City to Qusum County of Shannan City. "Now, my new factory covers an area of 3,405 m2, consisting of comprehensive management rooms, production workshops, staff living areas and office areas, which is more like a real factory compared with before," he joyfully says. Nowadays, Tsultrim Tibetan Incense Factory develops rapidly; it has opened specialty stores in Lhasa and agencies in Shannan. It has hired a total of 16 employees and its products sell very well.
However, Chimed Tsering is not satisfied with current sales amount and wants to explore a bigger market, which is a bottleneck of his entrepreneurship that needs to break. He wants to increase products varieties, broaden sale channels, and enhance brand awareness. In spite of the difficulty, he will surely go farther and fly higher.
By:Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron
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