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Doilungdeqen Distric’s Poma Village develops cultural tourism industry to increase income
By:China Tibet News
update:July 06,2020

Shangshung Old Castle

Photo shows the "Dekyi Tibetan Family" home stay area in Poma Village.
July 6,2020 -- Poma Village of Doilungdeqen District in Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region used to be a secluded small mountain village, mainly engaged in farming and grazing. In recent years, relying on the development of cultural tourism industries such as "Shangshung Metog" and "Dekyi Tibetan Family" Home Stay, the village has developed tourism industry to increase income, and villagers have realized their dream of living and working in peace and contentment.

Villagers of Poma Village participate in a chef training organized by the village committee.

Two relocated villagers work in the "Dekyi Tibetan Family" home stay in Poma Village.
In 2015, with the construction of "Shangshung Metog" Eco-tourism and Cultural Industrial Park, over 5.33 km2 of village collective land was expropriated, including Baima's land. Although Baima's family moved to a new house in Poma Village from a shabby old one, she was still worried about how to make a living in the future.

Villager Dorje Drolma is trimming flowers and trees in her yard.

Photo shows night view of the visitor reception center of "Dekyi Tibetan Family" Home Stay.
In 2016, in the process of decorating the new house, Baima's husband Phurbu Tsering learned decoration skills and set up his own decoration team, driving fellow villagers to do decoration business. Baima was appointed to do river management and protection work by the village committee. Although a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan RMB wasn't high, she was very satisfied because she could work nearby. Meanwhile, she made money from casual work at the industrial park in her spare time.

A teahouse, one of the collective economy of Poma Village, will be opened soon.

A rendering of the amusement park to be built in Poma Village. [File photo]
"Villagers with labor capacity work in the park, the 'Dekyi Tibetan Family', or start their own businesses, living better and better lives." Says Sonam, secretary of the village Party committee.

A general aerial view of "Shangshung Metog" scenic spot. [File photo]
Huang Dan, the deputy manager of operation department of "Dekyi Tibetan Family" Home Stay area, introduces that it develops Tibetan folk custom and home stay tourism industry through improving and transforming the poverty alleviation relocation housing in the village, so as to drive relocated families to find jobs nearby and get rid of poverty. Since its operation in May 2018, "Dekyi Tibetan Family" has achieved a total operating revenue of 4.5 million yuan RMB and received 60,000 tourists. Its 40% of the rent in the operating income is used to pay dividends to relocated people. [Lu Wenjing, Pei Cong, Kelzang Lhundrup]
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