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Qamdo ensures materials supply for spring ploughing
By:China Tibet News
update:March 26,2020
March 26,2020 -- According to the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, currently, the city focuses on spring ploughing and material supply.
Purchasing and transporting good seeds. The city plans a total grain planting area of 450.53 km2, purchases and transports 2,365 tons of good crop seeds. At present, the procurement and transportation work are being co-carried out by local Agricultural Extension Center, Agricultural Technology Center of Tibet Autonomous Region, and Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Lhasa, Shannan, Xigaze cities, ensuring seeds being transported to counties (districts) before sowing.
Procuring and transporting agricultural fertilizers as well as pesticides. The city orders 6,844 tons of fertilizers which are expected to be delivered by the end of March. A total of 7.446 tons of pesticides are purchased with online public bidding work completed now.
Strengthening vegetable production guarantee. There are 2,253 solar greenhouses (2,196 are currently in use) in the city's 11 counties (districts). The area of vegetables planting in the field reaches 0.835 km2. So far, daily production of vegetables in the whole city reaches 6.53 tons, plus vegetables bought from other places, the city achieves fundamental balance in vegetable supply.
With the temperature rising, this year's spring sowing work will be promoted from low-altitude Baxoi and Chagyab counties to high-altitude areas. The work is expected to be fully launched in mid-April and completed by the end of May. Up to now, Baxoi County has started the spring sowing work, with an area of 4.23 km2. Lhorong County is stepping up the transportation of fertilizer and seeds, and gradually distributing to towns and villages. Banbar County has bought 371 tons of chemical fertilizers, and dispatched 38 technical personnel from agricultural field management specialized cooperatives at county and town levels to participate in the front line technical guidance service on spring ploughing and sowing.
By:Liu Fang, Zhu Nan
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