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Decreasing rate of T.A.R. mobile data traffic charge ranked first in China in 2019
By:China Tibet News
update:February 06,2020
Feb.6,2020 -- According to Tibet Autonomous Region Communications Administration, Tibet has actively implemented the "speed up & charge reduce" requirement of the State Council on mobile data traffic. In 2019, the average charge of mobile traffic in T.A.R. was 5.5 yuan RMB per GB, realizing a 73.4% year-on-year drop and ranking first in China; meanwhile, the region has further implemented targeted charge reduction for the registered poor households, benefiting 73,618 households with 21,950,000 yuan RMB fee waiver.
Agricultural and pastoral areas have made landmark progresses on communications construction. From 2016 to 2019, four batches of universal telecommunication service pilot projects have been carried out in T.A.R., with the investment of nearly 3 billion yuan RMB; 200,000 km of optical fiber cable line have been completed; 50,000 mobile base stations have been established, more than half of which are 4G base stations, which gave 98% of administrative villages in T.A.R. the access to optical fiber, broadband and 4G network, realizing the first increasing rate in China, completing the requirement in "the 13th Five-Year Plan" one year ahead of schedule, enabling people of all ethnic groups in the region to enjoy the benefits and conveniences brought by development of information communications.
Remarkable achievements have been made in network poverty alleviation. After coordinating with regional policies of high-altitude ecological relocation and poverty alleviation relocation, Tibet's 942 poverty alleviation relocation sites, 101 "Sagnan" District relocation sites, and 22 high-altitude ecological relocation sites have been covered by communication signals and broadband.
In addition, the role of central enterprises in absorbing employment has been given full play. In 2019, Tibetan telecommunication industry has actively fulfilled its political and social responsibilities, providing working posts for a total of 220 local undergraduates.
By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron
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