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Tibet’s capital reports strong GDP growth in 2019
update:January 17,2020
Jan.17,2020 -- Capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region Lhasa estimated its gross domestic product (GDP) rose 9 percent in 2019, with higher incomes for its residents.
Lhasa's GDP was estimated at 61.6 billion yuan (around 8.9 billion U.S. dollars) last year, Ghog ghog, mayor of the city, said Tuesday.
The per capita disposable income for Lhasa's urban residents exceeded 40,000 yuan, while that for rural residents grew to 16,260 yuan.
Last year, the city built or renovated 83 schools, adding 7,300 new places for students in pre-schools and compulsory education schools.
The city created a total of 13,000 urban jobs and 171,000 farmers and herdsmen found new jobs in 2019, the mayor said.
Meanwhile, the city has accelerated the construction of urban infrastructure last year, with a new tunnel and a bridge completed construction and put into use. Fourteen roads and an underground water supply network of 70 residential communities were renovated and updated.
The total grain output of the city reached more than 170,000 tonnes.
Lhasa built 162-km-long roads and renovated 411 public toilets and the toilets of 30,000 households in its rural areas last year. Sorting of waste was implemented in its farming and pastoral areas.
"Improving the well-being of the people is our fundamental purpose, and the fruits of reform and development should be fairly shared by all people," the mayor said.
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