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Gerze develops characteristic industry for poverty alleviation
By:China Tibet News
update:November 20,2019
Nov.20, 2019 -- "I used to work in odd jobs in the county, and my income was very unstable. However, after working for the company, I get a stable job and contribute to local characteristic industries development, too, which is great meaning," says Sonam Chodron, a worker of Senguo Product Development Investment Co., Ltd. of Gerze County, Ngari Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
In 2018, the county Party committee and the county government of Ngar's Gerze has invested 5 million yuan RMB to establish Senguo Product Development Investment Co., Ltd., so as to promote development of animal husbandry economy, and gradually realize local animal husbandry's industrialization, scale expansion, standardization and scientization. The company is engaged in purchasing and selling animal by-products, deepprocessing as well as marketing of cashmere apparel, cowhide products, textiles, handicrafts and others. Since its opening, the company has purchased 42 tons of cashmere, 180 tons of wool, over 10,200 pieces of sheepskin and 250 pieces of cowhide. The total amount of purchase reaches 23 million yuan RMB.Its cashmere products' sales revenue exceeds 3 million yuan RMB; the company helps 28 people (9 are fresh college graduates from registered poor household) find jobs.
This year, the company has developed new products such as cowhide, milk and air-dried beef, hired skilled technicians as instructors, and organized about 10 local poor people to carry out processing of cattle and sheep skin handicrafts, aiming at further expanding enterprise scale, increasing people's income, and promoting the whole county's poverty alleviation work.
By:Liu Fang, Zhu Nan
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