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Villager’s happy life in Zhomda
By:China Tibet News
update:August 28,2019
Aug.28, 2019 -- Zhomda village, through where Yarlung Zangbo River flows, is located in Zhomda Town of Nang County, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.
42-year-old Sonam Lhadron, a villager of Zhomda, had been in a low-income family. Among the four family members, her husband was the only labor force, who worked outside all the year round, and both of her children studied at school, so sometimes her family couldn't make ends meet. In 2016, the Party Committee and People's Government of Nang County listed her family among low-income families and distributed five cows to them, helped them build a new house, and provided two ecological working posts (a wildlife ranger and an ecological propagandist). Now, the annual income of Sonam Lhadron's family has increased from 20,000 yuan RMB in 2015 to 70,000 yuan RMB, of which 6,000 yuan is the dividend from a sand factory of their village.
"The Party's policy of benefiting us is excellent! My daughter is in her junior year of college and we do not need to pay any tuition by ourselves; moreover, she has 4,000 yuan RMB transportation allowance annually. My son has joined the army last year and I'm so proud of our family being awarded the 'Family of Honor'." Sonam Lhadron says with a smile.
Nearby Sonam Lhadron's house, local villagers are busy in picking their chilies. According to introduction, Zhomda Village has planted a total of 278667㎡ of chili at present, including new chili variety,trail breeding seedlings chili, and the Dongkar chili seedlings and Lhasa "Erjintiao" chili areas. The farmers centralize planning, planting and managing of the chilies.
Moreover, the village has adjusted measures to the local geographical advantage which is suitable for walnut growth, focused on the development of walnut industry, finally built a walnut planting demonstration garden with 6,750 walnut trees covering an area of 100000㎡. In 2017, the planting base has earned 500,000 yuan RMB, and added 4,700 yuan RMB income to each local family.
In 2018, Zhomda village has adopted a development model of "cooperatives + farmers" interplanting 12, 000 apple trees with wheat and alfalfa. In 2019, the village has continually planted 2,000 apple trees along a local river named Dem. So far, the village's economic planting area of apple tree has reached 600000㎡.
In recent years, Zhomda village has built an industrial development system to promote economic development centering on expanding, strengthening and improving the characteristic and advantageous industries. Local economy has changed from transfusion to creation, effectively increased the villagers' income and living standard.
By: Liu Fang, Tenzin Sydron
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