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Tsering Samdrup’s entrepreneurial story
By:China Tibet News
update:July 15,2019
July 15,2019--Tsering Samdrup, villager of Gyawa Village, Xagjang Township of Qusum County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is also the first graduated college student returning to hometown to start his business in the village. "The organic vegetables we plant are safe, pollution-free and tastes good...The temperature in the vegetable greenhouse shouldn't be too high; the air should be circulated, so that vegetables grow better," says Tsering Samdrup when he guides the reporter to visit the vegetable greenhouse base of Xagjang Township.
In 2016, 19-year-old Tsering Samdrup was admitted to Tibet Vocational and Technical College and chose agriculture and forestry as his major. After 3 years of study, he comes up with the idea of returning to hometown to start his own business in the village and decides to realize his entrepreneurial dream. He doesn't take the civil servant exam after graduation, but returns hometown to plant vegetables, which is disapproved by his relatives, friends and even parents.
He patiently persuades his father that, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the government advocate entrepreneurship among graduated college students and implement 7 preferential policies now, such as reduction and exemption for administrative charge and tax. In addition, my major is also conducive to my entrepreneurship. Although ultimately not be understood, he continues to stick to his choice. In March this year, Tsering Samdrup who haven't graduated yet, returns to his hometown. Finally, he decides to plant organic vegetables relying on his professional knowledge after repeated investigations.
However, the reality is not as smooth as he thinks, and the road to entrepreneurship is not always smooth. At first, he is baffled by some technical difficulties with his greenhouse vegetables, leaving him at a loss. Thanks to the help of teachers and classmates, Tsering Samdrup seeks advice from them. He spends his days in the field planting and management, and learns advanced management techniques on the Internet at night. He eats and lives in the vegetable base. After months of exploration and practice, everything gradually gets on the right track.
Now, the life of Tsering Samdrup is very busy. He gets up at 6 o'clock in the morning, and then works in the greenhouse for a long time, such as raising seedlings, weeding, applying fertilizer, irrigating, pruning, controlling pests, etc. He is always wet and sweaty, but he does not feel bitter or tired at all.
"The vegetables in the greenhouse are all organic. Farmyard manure is used and there are no pesticides," says Tsering Samdrup. Nowadays, people are demanding higher and higher living standards, so only by growing high-quality vegetables can he win the market.
"The retail price of oyster mushrooms is 10 yuan RMB per jin (1 kg = 2 jin), while the wholesale price is set at 5 yuan RMB per jin," says Tsering Samdrup with a big smile in the mushroom greenhouse, "it can sell for 15 yuan RMB per jin in winter. The market outlook is good."
"Now that I have planted greenhouse vegetables, I should put my mind on growing vegetables. When others are playing online, I have to seize the opportunity to learn and strive for a career in the farmland. I still have a lot to learn about agricultural technology, agricultural machinery, management, marketing and so on." For the future, Tsering Samdrup has new plans including expanding the planting area, choosing new varieties and so on. There is still a long way to go. For the future, Tsering Samdrup hopes every step will be tangible.

By:Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan

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