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Key projects promote Tibet’s high-quality development
By:China Tibet News
update:July 01,2019
July 1,2019--The construction of Tibet's key projects in energy, transformation, livelihood and other fields has been in full swing since the beginning of this year. By the end of 2018,  a total of 211 key projects have been designated, with an annual planed investment of 202.54 billion yuan RMB.
Embracing era of big power grid
Energy is a fundamental and competitive industry for China’s Tibet Autonomous Region. With the largest investment and longest transmission line, the power transmission project between Qamdo and central Tibet was completed and put into operation in Nov. 2018, marking Tibet embraced the era of 500-KV ultra-high voltage power grid. Now, Tibet’s major power grid covers 62 counties, providing electricity to 2.72 million people, accounting for about 80% of Tibet's total population.
With an investment of 7.83 billion yuan RMB, Gyaca Hydropower Station is the pillar power source of central Tibet power transmission project and the key construction project in Tibet's 13th Five-Year Plan. The total installed generating capacity will reach 360 thousand kw. Now, 80% of Gyaca Hydropower Station has been completed. 
Promoting construction of railway, highway and airport
The 13.59-kilometer Gongduoding Tunnel, the third longest one on the Lhasa-Nyingchi section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, was completed on Jun. 9, 2019, making a breakthrough in the key and difficult dominant projects. In the meantime, the construction of dominant projects in Qamdo, part of Sichuan-Tibet Railway, has begun in June of 2019.
Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway, a key project in China's 13th Five-Year Plan, is the first electrified railway in Tibet. It is expected to be put into traffic in 2021. The major structure of 108 bridges, and 35 tunnels along the Lhasa-Nyingchi Railway have been completed, according to Tibet Railway Construction Corp.
The construction of Tibet’s high-grade highway is also in full swing. After four years of construction, Mila Mountain Tunnel, the highest highway tunnel in the world, has opened to traffic. It shortens the past 18-km distance over the mountain to 5.7 km and greatly improves the transportation efficiency.
The newly rebuilt road connecting Lhasa and Xigaze airport along National Highway 318 is an important pass to South Asia. The construction of this project also increases jobs for the local farmers and herdsmen, and b generates 85 million yuan RMB in local revenue. Kelsang, a citizen of Xigaze, says, "my Children study in Lhasa. This road greatly shorten the travel time between Xigaze and Lhasa. It only takes three and a half hours."
The construction of Tibet's three feeder-line airports (Shannan Luntse Airport, Xigaze Dingri Airport and Ngari Purang Airport) will start this year and be completed in 2021, according to Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Tibet office. Besides, the second runway of Lhasa Gongkar International Airport is scheduled to be put into use in 2020. 
Accelerating high-quality development in an all-round way
With special funds from the state, the construction of Tibet Autonomous Region Hospital, Tibet Technician College and the new campus of Tibetan Medical University has started last year.   
Ma Jinglin, director of the Development and Reform Commission of Tibet Autonomous Region, says that Tibet has finished the medium-term adjustment of 13th Five-Year Plan last year. The number of projects under the 13th Five-Year Plan has increased from 189 to 197, among which 52 projects have been completed, and 94 are still under construction. The investment has increased by 22.1 billion yuan RMB to 380.7 billion yuan RMB. These key projects are important drivers to build Tibet's competitive industry chain and enhance core competitiveness, as well as significant measures for developing Tibet's economy and increasing employment. 
By:Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Shan
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