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The cooperative promotes poverty alleviation
By:China Tibet News
update:November 07,2018

Nov. 7, 2018 -- Photo shows the villagers harvesting the common turnip collectively planted in the plantation base of Gyalchen Town of Sog County, Nagqu City. [China Tibet News/ Yang Xiaojuan] 
Nov. 7, 2018 -- Tenzin, a villager of Gyalchen Town said that they had no other source of income except annual income of cordyceps sinensis before, so it was difficult to make a living. With the establishment of the poverty alleviation cooperative in the village, the villagers had more economic sources including the income from the common turnip planting, teahouses and supermarkets, which increased people's income and enriched them. Besides, at the beginning of this year, the cooperative used the village collective land to plant more than 100 mu (1 acre= 6.0702846 mu) of common turnips, with a yield of over 12,000 kilograms and amount to 72,000 yuan.
In recent years, according to the instructions of the party and the government, Sog County of Nagqu City has analyzed the actual situation of poverty alleviation, and proposed a series of countermeasures. Gyalchen Town has adhered to poverty alleviation by industry, and innovated supporting mechanisms and modes in light of the actual situation. In accordance with the work requirements of the counties and townships, the poverty alleviation cooperative was established in 2017. Its main business scope includes teahouses, supermarkets, billiards rooms, etc. In addition to 9 households enjoying the five guarantees, 812 people from 124 households participated in the cooperative including 140 people from 32 poor households, and the coverage rate reached over 95%.
Since the establishment of the cooperative, it has persisted in developing industries, and promoting poor people to participate in the development of projects, which gradually lifted people out of poverty. The mode of "cooperative+poor household development" used operating income to enable the poor people to share the development dividend through buying a share, which not only increased the villagers' income, but also added funds to the development of cooperative.
The cash dividends reached 52,800 yuan in 2017, and doubled to more than 130,000 yuan in 2018, 42% of which was distributed to 32 poor households that had established cards for archives, while the remaining 58% covered 124 shareholders. In addition, in 2018, Gyalchen Town also adopts the material dividends which are converted into cash by about 120,000 yuan.
The considerable economic income has increased the initiative of the poor people to get rid of poverty and strengthened the vitality of the characteristic industries. Soga, the head of the cooperative, said that the cooperative will continue to increase its business scope as well as dividends distribution channels and promote the development of rural collective economy. 
By: Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan
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