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Nambar Neighborhood Committee develops vegetable planting industry
By:China Tibet News
update:April 26,2018
April 26, 2018 -- Nambar Neighborhood Committee belongs to Nang County of Nyingchi City. There are 178 people in 67 households, among which 11 poor households have already established cards for archives in early 2017. Due to lack of arable land and pasture resources, as well as traditional farming and breeding methods, the poverty alleviation work is difficult to carry out.

Nevertheless, with the persistent efforts of Nambar Neighborhood Committee and under the support of relevant departments, a poverty alleviation fund of 1.6 million yuan is invested in building 30 greenhouses. At the same time, the vegetable cultivation cooperative is established. All greenhouses are uniformly managed and allocated by Nambar Neighborhood Committee. Each greenhouse is jointly contracted by two households without charging rental. The proceeds are all owned by the farmers.

Facing the problem of lack of technology and experience, technical staff are invited to provide on-the-spot guidance and technical services, which effectively stimulates the enthusiasm of the masses to grow vegetables.

To increase sales and build a brand, the WeChat official account on vegetable sales is established, positively broadening sales channels.

At present, vegetable planting has become the major income source for the local masses, which not only alleviates the consumption demand of fruits and vegetables in the county area, but also brings handsome profit to the local people.

Since the poverty alleviation work has been carried out, Nambar Neighborhood Committee has been positively developing characteristic industries, so as to stimulate the endogenetic impetus of low income families. Depending on resource advantage and market demand, and taking advantage of vegetable planting, Nambar Neighborhood Committee find a way to lead the masses to become better off.

By: Zhi Xinghua

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