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Winter tourism in Tibet favored by tourists
By:China Tibet News
update:December 06,2017
Dec.6,2017--In winter, there is ample sunshine in Tibet and prices of hotels and scenic spots here are a significant discount. Tourists won't worry about queuing for the tickets of the Potala Palace. In addition, air and train tickets are easy to buy, which attracts a lot of tourists to travel to Tibet in winter.
Previously, Tibet's tourism departments have launched 9 characteristic winter tour routes in accordance with special scenery of different areas. Tourists can schedule their trip in advance by referring to those routes.
In winter, temperature varies greatly from morning to evening in Tibet. Therefore, tourists should pay attention to keep warm. Before travelling to Tibet, tourists can take some drugs that resistant to altitude sickness so as to adapt the body to the plateau environment as soon as possible. In addition, the weather is dry, tourists can take sunscreen, lotion, and lip balm. Sunglasses are also needed because of dazzling sunlight.
In the first half of this year, Tibet has received 8.61 million domestic and foreign tourists, a year on year increase of 25%. The tourism revenue reached 9.3 billion yuan, increasing 32%.
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