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Group standard of natural drinking water launched in Tibet
update:October 31,2016
Oct. 31, 2016 -- The group standard of natural drinking water was officially launched in Lhasa on Oct. 24, highlighting qualities and characteristics of natural drinking water in Tibet, promoting the development of Tibet's natural drinking water industry with a high starting point, and helping build the brand of "Tibet's good water".
Tibet is rich in water resources and its annual gross amount can reach 439.4 billion cubic meters, accounting for 16.5% of the total amount in China. In addition, taking advantages of the safe and non-polluted drinking water, its development potential is great.
Though Tibet's natural drinking water industry develops very well, there are still many shortcomings in the fields of industry scale, industrial system, management level, market development capability, development environment, brand creation and protection and so on. On this background, the  group standard of natural drinking water is established.
The data of this standard comes from products that accounts for over 95% of Tibet's  natural drinking water output.The indicators of the standard are based on detection analysis of 127 batches of samples and mathematical statistic analysis of 997 data. The standard mainly reflects four characteristics. One is to highlight the concept of glaciers and melt water of snow-capped mountains in Tibet. The second is to show Tibet's high altitude advantage. The third is to highlight the unique trait of Tibet's natural drinking water and characteristic index is set. The fourth is to reflect the pure natural and pollution-free characteristics of Tibet's natural drinking water.
The group standard of Tibet's natural drinking water will be officially implemented on Jan. 1, 2017. After implemention, it will not only fully reveal the unique good quality of Tibet's natural drinking water, but also promote the high-end development of the natural drinking water industry. In addition, it can improve the market competitiveness and help create the brand of "Tibet's good water".
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