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Tax revenue of Tibet’s tertiary industry increases continuously
update:September 12,2016
Sept. 12, 2016 -- From January to July, the tax revenue of Tibet's tertiary industry reached 12.71 billion yuan, accounting for 81.9% of the total tax revenue, a year on year increase of 29.2%.
It is said that the tax increment of tertiary industry mainly comes from leasing and commercial service industry, wholesale and retail sales industry, financial industry, transportation industry, warehousing and postal service industry, information transmission software and information technology. The income of this six industry increases 2.8 billion yuan, and its contribution rate to tertiary industry can reach 97.5%, becoming the backbone force that pull therevenue growth of Tibet's tertiary industry.
At the same time, consuming related industry's revenue growth is rapid. Affected by tourism population and migrant workers, retail industry's tax revenue increases 32%. Due to the wholesale of tobacco product and medicine and medical equipment, wholesale trade's tax revenue increases 17.3%. In addition, the tax revenue of education, hygiene, culture and sports & entertainment increases 292%, 20%, and 156.8% respectively, showing that more and more people are pursuing spiritual and service consumption such as educational training quality, hygiene and medical health, audiovisual entertainment and so on.
By: Zhi Xinghua
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