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The Tibetan song and dance play Realizing Dreams to tour
By:China Tibet Online
update:July 19,2016
July 19, 2016 -- Realizing Dream, an original Tibetan ethnic song and dance play will go on a tour performance to Beijing on the 3rd of August.
With the background of “a train entering Lhasa”, the song and dance play Realizing Dream is revised based on real characters and events. Through the practical experiences of a journalist who came to Tibet on the Aiding Tibet Program, the play reveals the dedicated emotions and spiritual journey of a worker from the aid of Tibet program coming to Tibet to contribute to the development and construction of Tibet under very harsh natural conditions. At the same time, the play also displays the nature of Tibet ecological cultural.
Realizing Dream tells the story of the past ten years since the Qinghai-Tibet Railway fully opened to the public and how Tibet has gained achievements from many aspects such as economy, people’s life and culture. The play concentrates various contents in Tibetan culture including religion, art, legends, rituals and clothing therefore the audience can feel like they are experiencing the culture on the Tibetan plateau.
It was reported that, during the play’s production process, the production team conducted many times on site investigations, collecting a large amount of Tibetan regional music and dance with typical ethnic characteristics. The aim of the production team was to preserve the originality of the Tibetan art forms and at the same time add to the play some orchestral music elements that seem to have nothing to do with the traditional Tibetan music. 
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