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Great progress in Tibet after peaceful liberation
update:May 24,2016
May 24, 2016 -- Tibet has made tremendous achievements in the past 65 years, experts said on Monday which marks the 65th anniversary of Tibet's peaceful liberation.
"Before peaceful liberation, Tibet's wealth was controlled by a few aristocrats, monks, and serf-owners. Now Tibet's reform has benefited all herdsmen and peasants and their livelihoods have been greatly improved," said Zha Luo, assistant director of the Modern History Institute of Chinese Academy of Social Science (CASS).
The per capita disposable income of Tibet's urban residents is 25,457 yuan and that of farmers and herdsmen is 8,244 yuan.
"Transportation tools also changed from horses to modern cars," Zha Luo added.
"Women's social status has been improved and their rights have been well protected," said Cangjue Zhuoma, a researcher from Tibetan Academy of Social Science.
49.1 percent of the whole Tibetan population is women. Female civil servants in Tibet account for 33.8 percent. "Women have become an important force in Tibet's development," Zhuoma added.
"Over the past 65 years, Tibet has made great progress in economic development, improving people's livelihood, and social management. In particular, law plays a more important role in social management," said Bianba Lamu, deputy director of the Modern Institute of Tibetan Academy of Social Science.
"Over dozens of years' efforts, Tibet has built a sound law system. Legal awareness among officials and ordinary citizens has increased," Lamu added.
By: Qu Yungui  Liu Qiang
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