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Across China: People in Xizang take part in cultural activities during May Day holiday
update:May 06,2024
The regional cultural and tourism department of China's Xizang Autonomous Region held an array of cultural activities at Norbulingka, known as "Lhasa's Summer Palace," during the first two days of the May Day holiday, including a forum on Tibetan cultural relics and Tibetan opera performances.

In a famous courtyard on Wednesday morning, Selima, a researcher of the site's cultural relics, gave an introductory lecture on a 600-year-old Thangka painting featuring vivid colors and elaborate details from one of the most precious collections in Norbulingka.

"I was most impressed by the stories of ethnic exchanges reflected in the Han characters and elements on the cultural relics," said Urgyen Gyatsang, a local university teacher.

A Tibetan sunshade was set up outside the courtyard and a stage was erected for citizens and tourists to gather for a Tibetan opera performance, which received loud applause.

Baima Dekyi, an eight-year-old girl, watched the "Prince Norsang" Tibetan opera with her family. "Although I didn't fully understand many details in the story, I was very interested in the colored masks worn by the actors," she said.

Next to the sunshade, a souvenir market showcased more than 500 distinctive, ingenious cultural and creative products, attracting many tourists to make purchases.

A set of Chinese zodiac figurines adorned in vibrant Tibetan attire drew the attention of children. "We sold products worth over 3,000 yuan (about 414.3 U.S. dollars) just in the morning on the first day of the holiday," said Deyang, who ran a stall selling the figurines.

Another stall owner, Penpa Khyungka, brought handmade notebooks, Tibetan incense, Tibetan photo frames and copies of the classic philosophical poetry collection "Sakya Proverbs" from her hometown of Xigaze's Sakya County to sell at the market.

"We hope more people will learn about Sakya, and visit and fall in love with the county," she said.

"I find it quite relaxing here, and the fair is very similar to the temple fairs in other parts of China, but with unique local characteristics," said Li Le, a tourist from Shaanxi Province who had just finished visiting the ancient buildings in the area.

Norbulingka received over 23,900 visitors on the first two days of the May Day holiday.

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