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Panchen Erdeni Chos-kyi rGyal-po Greetings of Tibetan New Year
update:February 19,2024
Dear friends, on this special occasion of the Tibetan New Year in the year of the wood Dragon, I’d like to extend best wishes to all my fellow Tibetan friends around the globe. Tashi Delek!
2023 was a year of great accomplishments. Millions of individuals from different walks of life all played a part in moving our nation forward.
Last year, I spent more than 6 months visiting many places in Xizang, Sichuan and Yunnan. I witnessed the unity among different ethnic groups, as well as the harmony between monks and nuns, and the common people. Everywhere, I saw sunshine and smiling faces. I heard stories about how much people enjoy living in harmony with nature. I saw mountains and rivers that are beautiful and vibrant. I saw how Tibetan medicine is being inherited, developed and promoted, and how our ancient Tibetan books, as well as our Tibetan intangible cultural heritage, are being preserved. Thanks to the support of our nation, freedom of religious belief is fully guaranteed, Tibetan Buddhist activities are well-organized, and the living standards of monks and nuns are steadily improving.I also saw people living in greater happiness and peace. The national flags fluttering in the wind at every home are an expression of their gratitude to our great motherland and this great era.
Life was not always easy in 2023, but still we are filled with confidence. Whenever natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or typhoons struck, or other hardships occurred, people worked together to overcome the difficulties. Together, we are stronger, and when we face tough times with unity, it makes all the difference.
Although we faced challenges in 2023, we could also appreciate the fragrance of the lotus flowers.
People really embraced each other, accepting their own imperfection and understanding others. They pushed forward all the way with determination. That spirit, that’s what’s driving China forward into a brighter future.
We all want peace. Peace is the root for prosperity and precondition for development. Human civilization in the 21 century should aim to benefit all human beings and respect every life. Every little act of kindness, every bit of goodness we put out there, it adds up. Let’s keep that momentum going for establishing the community with a shared future for mankind.
Speaking of which, let’s make this year count. Let’s cherish peace as much as we cherish our own eyes. We need to purify our minds and find that inner peace we’re all after. Let’s tackle problems with kindness and wisdom, and spread love and peace wherever we go.
With sincerity, I pray for the prosperity and peace of our nation, for world peace and for the well-being of all living things. I wish you prosperity in the year of the Dragon. I also wish you success and good fortune. Tashi Delek!
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