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Tibetan opera “Songtsan Gambo” wins praises in Lhasa
By:China Tibet Online
update:October 31,2018
The large-scale historical Tibetan opera “Songtsan Gambo” has won praises from audiences since its performance on the evening of October 24 in Lhasa.

Songtsan Gambo was the 33rd king of the Tubo Dynasty, who married the well-known Wencheng princess form the Tang Dynasty.

The opera depicts Songtsan Gambo’s contribution to unifying Tubo area, creating Tibetan language, establishing local laws, developing Tibetan culture, and strengthen relations with the Han ethnic group. The opera keeps the primitive music often used in Tibetan opera, and at the same time absorbs the local folk songs and dancing music, which is the biggest difference from traditional Tibetan opera.

It is learned that the opera was created by the Qinghai Tibetan Opera Troupe and the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Song and Dance Troupe in Qinghai.

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