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Traditional Tibetan culture is full of new life
By:China Tibet Online
update:July 06,2018

It is reported that among the national-level intangible cultural heritage inheritors in Tibet, more than 35 percent are over the age of 70.
"In recent years, we have been compiling records to salvage endangered intangible cultural heritage items and elderly inheritors," Ngawang Tenzin said, adding that Tibet has also been vigorously guiding the productive preservation of Tibetan medicine, thangka painting, Tibetan incense, and handicraft weaving in order to help these items develop sustainably.
In 2009, Tibetan opera was successfully selected as a representative on the UN human intangible cultural heritage list.
"We actively strive for financial funds and allocate special funding to eight national-level Tibetan opera schools in Tibet," Ngawang Tenzin said.
He said that this has prompted the number of Tibetan folk opera performance troupes to develop from less than 50 to more than 140, with more than 5,000 performers. To date, Tibet has successfully held four Regional Tibetan Opera Competitions and two Tibetan Opera Aria Competitions.
Ngawang Tenzin said that the next step will be to train young performance troupes to carry on the heritage. On the basis of inheritance and preservation, Tibet will strive to strengthen the influence of intangible cultural heritage, allowing the excellent traditional culture of Tibet to "go out" of the snowy plateau.

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